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Unexpected leaps between seemingly incompatible genres have become one of Vindla String Quartet’s trademarks. With open minds and great curiosity they take on everything from Mozart and Schubert to contemporary pieces, pop, jazz and folk music. The members of Vindla are also composing and arranging music led by the vision that any type of music fits a string quartet. Vindla’s music box contains a mix of their rich repertoire put together to create an entertaining program full of surprises. 

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Raga Strings

- Jyotsna Srinkanth & Vindla String Quartet

Together with Europe’s leading violinist from the Carnatic classical tradition, Jyotsna Srikanth, Vindla String Quartet have merged together to perform Jyotsna’s vibrant compositions, originated from the south indian music tradition, and to play with borders between east and west. 

Jyotsna Srikanth, born and raised in Bangalore in Southern India, is the most sought after South Indian violinist in Europe. She has collaborated with world, classical & jazz musicians of renoun. She has played violin for over 300 Indian movies. She is currently working on composing Indian violin concertos and has been working with string quartets & orchestras like the London Philharmonic Orchestra. She is the artistic director of London International Arts Festival.

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-chamber jazz with space and birds

Vindla String Quartet commenced their collaboration with Lina Nyberg in 2014 when they commissioned Lina to write music for string quartet and voice. The CD Aerials was released in March 2016 as the second part of Lina’s trilogy about the elements and refer to space, birds and air. In Lina’s own words:


“When I released my last CD The Sirenades (Hoob records 2014), on which my music for big band was performed, I knew that it would be the first CD in a row of three. I was trying to describe my reality through pictures of cyber-seas, monsters and waves. Now part two, Aerials, takes us away to avians and aviators.”


The CD has received great reviews in Sweden as well as abroad and was followed by a much praised tour.


All About Jazz: “Masterful, imaginative and inspiring.” “Aerials is an investigative and imaginative album, and with comprehensive, imaginative and inventive notes it sends us out to fly like birds, spaceships and airplanes. It is a bold and artistically strong album from a singer without equal in Scandinavia right now.”

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- an interactive performance for children created and performed together with eurythmics educator Helena Hagström

What is hiding behind the looking glass?


With a story freely based on Lewis Carrolls “Through the Looking Glass”, Vindla takes you on a journey through Glaslandet. Guided by Philip Glass’ music for string quartet the audience joins our heroine Alice as she struggles to cross a great chess board and overcome its obstacles. A jumping train, dancing fools and a dark forest are only a few of its hazards...

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